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Cogito ergo sum. – Descartes
I’m Sarah. I’ve gone by many aliases, Sarah “ara ara”, Dj Eticut, Eddy Lenslo, and probably more but I can’t remember.
I’ve been a dj for a long time around these parts. I have an album with the Billy Goats called “There’s No U in Team” – Check it out.
I recently discovered a new love for rocks, gemstones, fossils and jewelry.
I’ve always loved old antique things and small things. Weirdo!
My mom had been in the jewelry business, since before I was born, although now she is pretty much retired, but may do someone a favor or two once in a while. My first “Take your Daughter to Work Day,” I went to Tiffany & Co. with my mom. I learned how to tie those perfect little bows. I’ll never forget that.
I’ll be graduating from MTSU in the Fall of 2010. Finally! I’m also currently enrolled at the Gemology Institute of America to be a Graduate Gemologist. I just started August 30th and I am so excited!!
I also love photography, movies, reading and writing and conspiracies. And of course, Ufology and parapsychology!
-oxo, S!
My Press Links:
My Nashville Scene Article
My Columbia State Article


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